“Photographers are hired for their vision; they compose just like musicians and poets.”
Gerry O’Leary

International award-winning photographer Gerry O’Leary is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he has built a reputation for creativity and mastery of light.

Specialising in hospitality, architectural and commercial photography, Gerry was endorsed as one of the “European Masters of Architectural Photography” in 2007, joining a select few appointed by the Federation of European Photographer’s.

Irish-born Gerry holds an impressive collection of international photography awards; amassing titles such as “Irish Photographer of the Year”, “British Professional Photographer of the Year” and “European Commercial Photographer of the Year”. He is ranked as one of the most foremost and respected photographers, both in Europe and on a global stage.

Over the past five years, Gerry has worked in over 30 countries on five continents, which makes his homebase of Dubai ideal for accessing East and West. More recently, he has been a preferred photographer at Dubai Expo 2020, selected by architects, design agencies and country pavilions to capture the architectural spectacles on offer.

Gerry also has three architectural coffee table books under his name. “Contemporary Irish Architecture” showcases the architecture of his native Ireland, “18 Degrees”, a book on the leaning tower of Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi, and “Burj Al Arab”, which depicts the globally recognised icon and most luxurious hotel in the world.

Gerry garners plenty of client praise, from being described as, “simply extraordinary,”, “artistic and technically brilliant” to his own favourite, “Gerry adds value with his images,” from his respectable client list, which can be seen below.

Alongside his busy shoot schedule, Gerry is a regular judge for accredited international photography competitions in Ireland and Europe and serves on Hasselblad’s panel for their annual worldwide competition.

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