Reflecting on Part 1 of 2023 – January to June

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As an international architectural photographer, I am invited to shoot projects by different clients in a variety of countries. I love this part of my job – it means no two months look the same, so it is nice to reflect on the year to date and share some updates with you.

We’ve breezed past the mid-point of the year, with Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha plus Islamic New Year all behind us now. I’m writing from Doha, Qatar, where I’m currently shooting The Chedi.

Normally in the summer months, my schedule of photography projects takes me away from the Middle East. During the hot, hazy days that much of the region experiences, it can be challenging to capture exterior images of architectural structures. However, I have been kept busy shooting in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, adding some captivating detail images to my photography portfolio.

Success at the European Photography Awards

I started the year on a high, having collected one Platinum and four Gold accolades at the European Photography Awards. A friend joked recently that my shelves must be heaving, but I teased back that I’d just have to build some more.

It’s fantastic to receive recognition for some of the amazing structures I have photographed. It’s not just an honour for me but, as I’ve mentioned before in my case study, it elevates the status of the building and brings to a wider audience.

Photographing Luxury Retail Brands

I have been photographing extensively for Cartier this year, documenting their exquisitely designed stores in India and the Middle East. The stores’ elegant and luxurious concepts, intricate detailing and innovative use of space all provide an opportunity to capture stunning compositions.

My detail images of their boutique in Dubai Mall won fans all the way up the ladder at Cartier, who have requested that I photograph even more of their stores, so look out for upcoming shoots in Johannesburg and Mumbai.

Remarkable Buildings in Saudi Arabia

I could hang out in the King Abdullah Financial District of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for days on end, simply admiring the magnificent architectural structures there. Luckily, I was commissioned to do this by talented Japanese architects, Nikken Sekkei when I got the call to photograph Tadawul Tower.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I received a fantastic email from Takamori Yamasaki, the chief architect on Tadawul Tower, which reads as follows:

“Dear Gerry-san,

I would like to inform you that TADAWUL TOWER has been selected “Award of Excellence” winner in the Best Tall Building, ME & Africa category of the CTBUH 2023 Awards Program.
Also, it has been shortlisted for challenging the additional status of “Overall Category Winner” in the Best Tall Building
I thank you very much again for your beautiful photos of TADAWUL TOWER!

Best regards,
Takamori Yamazaki”


 Pretty cool, right?

Writing About Architectural Photography

In the first half of 2023, I launched this blog. Throughout the past decade, many have suggested writing a blog on architectural photography, but it’s been an eye-opener how much interest it has garnered and I’m truly grateful to everyone who has been interested enough to tune in.

You can see more of Tadawul Tower in this blog.

Stay tuned for more in the ‘Before & After’ series, along with exciting new projects.

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