What’s in My Bag? A Peek into an International Photographer’s Kit.

hospitality and hotel photography

I have to travel to various destinations to photograph hotels and architectural wonders and there’s some things I can’t leave home without.

  1. Canon EOS R5 – this is my camera of choice, a full frame professional camera. 
  2. A Canon TSE 24mm Lens – absolutely essential. It is the most used lens in my kit and is vital for exterior and interior photography.
  3. CamRanger 2 – I love handy gadgets and this addition to my photography bag makes life easier. It’s a remote controller for my camera and allows me to preview my images and let my client view them on my iPad.
  4. Arca Swiss Cube – This is the best tripod head in the market. It lets me fine tune my camera and tripod movements.
  5. 50m string line – This mystifies some people but it’s vital for interior and exterior building photographers. When I want to ensure everything is lined up precisely, out comes my string line. 

Of course, other things go into my suitcase. Everywhere I go, I take my Ireland jersey which is usually a conversation starter – particularly in rugby nations!

Next week, get a glimpse of one of Saudi Arabia’s most extraordinary new buildings.