Cuisine in the Scene – Professional Food Photography of Afternoon Tea

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Introduced in the early 19th century in England, Afternoon Tea became a traditional meal as the gap between lunch and dinner widened. The Duchess of Bedford, who requested tea and cake around 5pm, obviously suffered from hanger! Now, Afternoon Tea is a social occasion with a wonderful ritual, served at hotels all across the world. As a Dubai photographer, Gerry has captured many of these artistic creations.

Through my lens, the story of afternoon tea is woven into the fabric of the environment, creating an immersive narrative as rich as the feast itself.

A Blend of Tranquility and Heritage – Luxor, Egypt

Food Photography at Sofitel Winter Palace, Egypt by Gerry O’Leary
Food Photography at Sofitel Winter Palace, Egypt by Gerry O’Leary

On the sun kissed terrace of the Sofitel Winter Palace in Luxor, Egypt, I photographed this stunning scene. My aim was to capture the timeless elegance of surroundings that cradle this long-held ritual, inviting guests to savour a moment where every detail in steeped in history. I am not just showcasing a moment, rather intertwining the delicacy of the fare with the soul of this historic haven. 

An Oceanic Reverie – Professional Food Photography at Atlantis

Professional Food Photography: Atlantis The Palm Dubai
Food Photography at Atlantis The Palm by Gerry O’Leary

The stunning aquarium provides an underwater ballet to accompany Afternoon Tea at Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm. The lighting for this image had to be quite precise, in order to capture each detail from the delicate china to the tiered macaroon stand presented against the oceanic reverie. I wanted to craft a moment where the deep blue infuses the intimacy of the moment, surrounding the diners in their own private symphony.   

The Essence of Luxury – Commercial Food Photography at Dusit Thani

Dessert Photography: Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi
Afternoon Tea Photography at Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi by Gerry O’Leary

As a professional food photographer, I look for synergy and symmetry in the surroundings. The geometric elegance of this modernist tea stand, adorned with exquisite confections, contrasts with the ornate gilding beneath. We can draw a parallel between the culinary craftsmanship and the splendour of the richly patterned columns. Each elements comes together in an opulent tableau, reflecting a high tea experience that is both a feast for the palate and the eyes.

A Modern Meeting – Hotel and Food Photography at The Langham Haikou

Food Photography: Langham, Haikou, China
Afternoon Tea Photography at Langham Haikou by Gerry O’Leary

At The Langham Haikou, I wanted to capture the ambiance of contemporary elegance for their Afternoon Tea.  A golden tiered stand with morsels of delight topping fine china plates. I sought to bring out the modern-day sophistication of their event, marrying the delicate art of gastronomy with the quiet opulence of the space.

Next month, I’ll be sharing news on some amazing new hospitality photography projects. If you’d like to learn more about booking a professional food photography or hotel shoot, please get in touch and I’ll get back to you.