Five Most Instagrammable Hotels in Dubai 

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Regularly making the top 10 of the most instagrammable places on earth, Dubai is a city full of architectural masterpieces begging to be photographed. In fact, some people simply come to take photos! I’m lucky to live here and have completed architectural shoots for many of the complex structures that make up the Dubai skyline.

Bedouin beauty at Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, copyright Gerry O’Leary

Even to the untrained eye, Dubai is chock full of photogenic buildings. In my list of the most Instagram-hotels, you will find both the expected and perhaps an overlooked gem that gives you reason to visit.

5. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

Venture beyond the skyscrapers less than an hour into the desert and you’ll find this oasis, framed by a wildlife park. The architecture reflects the Bedouin style of the region, which is one of the reasons it looks stunning in photographs. It blends into its desert surroundings perfectly, with canopies nestled amid the trees. 

Having photographed this desert resort, I think it’s a wonderful representation of the UAE that we don’t see as much, hence it’s ideal for Instagram.  

4. Park Hyatt Dubai

Moorish influences at Park Hyatt Dubai”, copyright Gerry O’Leary

One of Dubai’s older hotels, yet it occupies a picturesque spot beside Dubai Creek. It has an elegant simplicity that you would associate with the Moorish architecture of Morocco, which makes you want to snap a photo. 

Park Hyatt Dubai is among my favourite hotels of all time.

3. Raffles The Palm Dubai

The breathtaking ceiling of Raffles The Palm Dubai”, copyright Gerry O’Leary

With its gilded ceilings and the opulence of its décor, Raffles The Palm Dubai appears more like a palace than a hotel. This is a visual representation of Palm Jumeirah for many, chandeliers and ornate furnishings.

If you want a golden Insta pic, drop by the lobby of this majestic resort.

2. Me by Melia

An interior dream by Zaha Hadid”, copyright Gerry O’Leary

True to the late, great architect and designer, Zaha Hadid’s form, this building is mesmerising, both inside and out. While the exterior looks great day or night, the atrium is the part to photography for the ‘gram. It boasts a complex, volumetric shape complemented by an elegant colour palette.

Come for the photo, stay to admire the genius of Hadid.

1. Burj Al Arab

The colourful corridors of Burj Al Arab”, copyright Gerry O’Leary

There are so many angles from which to capture the wonder of Burj Al Arab that make it one of the most Instagram-friendly hotels not just in Dubai, but on the planet. Most people try for an exterior image, whether from a nearby beach or the driveway, but I recommend photographing the interiors. The combination of graphic shapes and colours that harmonize with each other make it a work of art.

Which buildings do you think are the most Instagram-friendly? I’d love to hear.

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