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The Visual Revolutionary Podcast is presented by Ric Stovall, and features the world’s leading photographers, filmmakers and visual artists. In the latest episode Ric speaks with award-winning photographer Gerry O’Leary.

Photograph of Gerry O’Leary with a box camera
Photograph of Gerry O’Leary with a box camera

People often tell me that I’m rarely seen or heard, because I prefer to let my photographs tell the story. However, on this occasion, I was truly honoured to be Ric Stovall’s guest on his brilliant podcast, Visual Revolutionary.

Compelling conversations with artists and photographers

Ric is also an award-winning architecture and interior photographer, and I’ve been listening to his podcast for the past three years or more. It has given me insight into the mindset of other photographers and been a companion in the sometimes solitary lifestyle of a professional photographer. I mentioned to Ric how I’ve listened to the podcast while shooting in Australia, India and other long-haul destinations, as well as when I’m relaxing at home in Dubai.

Visual Revolutionary is a fascinating podcast, and I recommend anyone with an interest in photography or creativity take a listen. You can find a link here.

Sharing the story of a photographer’s life

When I started this blog last year, I shared some of the journey I’ve had from driving a tractor as a youngster on a farm in County Kerry, Ireland through having a successful career in construction and then a photography studio in Dublin. After that life changed radically when I moved to Dubai where I have photographed for some of the world’s top architects including Yahya Jan.

In this podcast episode, I discuss my appreciation for design and architecture, and recent clients such as Cartier and Bentley. Ric and I also explored how architects need photographers to tell the story of the projects they have spent years creating and take it to a wider audience.

It was a pleasure speaking to Ric and I also had the privilege of being the first Irish man on the show 😊 Thanks for having me!

You can hear the episode (#235) here: Visual Revolutionary: Episode #235: Gerry O’Leary / Photographer (

Thanks again Ric!

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